Picture of How To Cut A Pineapple
I just bought a beautiful white organic pineapple at the health food store. They are so sweet and juicy.  I leaned to cut them by watching my Mom when I was a kid. I loved how they looked while she was carving away - almost like a sculpture. If you only ate pineapples out of a can, I hope this would encourage you to buy a whole fresh pineapple (preferably a Hawaiian pineapple- da best!) and feast away!
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Step 1: Remove the crown

Picture of Remove the crown
Twist the crown off.

Step 2: ADDED Bonus - Growing a pineapple from the crown

Picture of ADDED Bonus - Growing a pineapple from the crown
After you twist the crown off, you can peel some of the leaves off and stick it in water.  After a few weeks, it will throw out roots.  When it looks like the picture, plant it in a pot and it will grow a pineapple plant. While living on the mainland, I did this and my plant actually grew a baby pineapple.  Because I live in a tropical climate, I will take my plants and put them in the ground, and hopefully it will fruit.

Step 3: You need a SHARP knife

Picture of You need a SHARP knife
You need a big sharp knife for this task.  Cut both ends off.

Step 4: Slice

Picture of Slice
Holding the pineapple upright, start slicing the sides of the pineapple to get rid of the tough outer skin and some of the "eyes".  Slice from top to bottom.

Step 5: Carving

Picture of Carving
Check out your pineapple now. It has these "eyes" that run diagonally that must be removed.  Take your sharp knife and cut wedges diagonally to get rid of the eyes. Work your wedges around the pineapple.  Keep rotating the pineapple until all the eyes are gone and it looks like a beautiful sculpture.

Step 6: Slice in quarters

Picture of Slice in quarters
Set the pineapple upright and starting from the top working your way to the bottom, slice it in half.  Repeat so it is sliced in quarters.

Step 7: Cutting out the core

Picture of Cutting out the core
Holding one quarter of the pineapple, slice the hard core from top to bottom.  Discard the core.

Step 8: Slice lengthwise

Picture of Slice lengthwise
Slice the pineapple into nice long spears.