This Instructable is about how to cut and chop an onion without crying.  I have always used one method when chopping or cutting an onion until last summer; when my son took a cooking class.  I was so excited he was taking these classes because I knew he would have a lot to share.  Not only did he learn how to cut an onion but how to cut an onion without crying! 

Step 1: Why Does Cutting an Onion Make You Cry?

When you cut into the root of the onion it releases gasses that make you cry.  

<p>I work in a restaurant as a Dishwasher, but sometimes I also have to help</p><p>prep food and cut onions...</p><p>...so This tutorial is a MAJOR help! Thanks! :-D</p>
Can't wait to try...thanks for sharing!
Thank you for commenting! Have a nice day!<br>Sunshiine
I have used this method and it works great!
Thanks for commenting blossom9283! Your support is appreciated.<br>Sunshiine
you're on a roll girl!!!<br><br>That's 2 things you've taught me today!!! I love it!<br><br>TY for sharing Sunshiine!!
Thank you SIRJAMES09! Hope your doing awesome!<br>sunshiine
Great tip! <br><br>I always just breathe through my mouth when cutting onions, but this sounds much easier. <br><br>Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing bajablue! <br>Sunshiine
Interesting tips sunshiine. My mom taught me to put the onion in the freezer for a few minutes before cutting and it works! Its not in there long enough to freeze, but it stops the crying.
Thanks for sharing canucksgirl! I have not tried that method but I read it works. It probably would not hurt to do that as well as the water. Who wants to cry. Have a great day!<br>Sunshiine
And thank you for sharing! By the way, did your son happen to mention how the water method works? Does it just absorb the onion fumes from the air? I will definitely give it a try though the next time I have to chop an onion.
That was my old method. I included it with his method because it works pretty good by itself. Yes the water absorbs the fumes. I have used the bowl of water for years. I forgot to add the link where I learned how to cut the bulb out. I revised my ible. That method worked great but with a lot of waste. There are a lot of tips there and they mentioned to breathe through your mouth the whole time you are cutting the onion. Thanks for commenting!<br>sunshiine

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