How To Cut Drop Through Truck Mounts On A Longboard

Picture of How To Cut Drop Through Truck Mounts On A Longboard
This is my first instructable, but im going to show you how to make drop through cut outs in your longboard deck. Im using Randal RII series truck. If you don't know the difference between drop though mount and top mount, top mount is where the board is mounted on top of the trucks, and drop though is where the deck is mounted on the bottom of the truck, and the truck goes through the deck. The benefits to drop mount are that it makes pushing easier because you aren't as high off the ground. Also it makes for a lower center of gravity.
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Step 1: Draw the cut out

Picture of Draw the cut out
 I have Randal II trucks and on their website you can download a PDF file of the template for the drop through cut out.
The first step is to print out the template and cut out the cut out section, align the holes with the holes on your deck, then draw the template on the deck. I held the template in place by putting the bolts through the template and the deck.

Step 2: Get Your Tools

Picture of Get Your Tools
Next, you want to gather all your tools. You dont have to use the tools i used, but these are them:
a hole saw bit that fits the templates dimensions
a wood bore bit
an angle grinder
a few different drill bits
and a file

Step 3: Cut your fist hole

Picture of Cut your fist hole
Use the hole saw bit to drill a hole that is as wide as the template toward the nose of the board. (The long stretched hole was already there on my deck)

Step 4: Cut Out The Rectangle

Picture of Cut Out The Rectangle
With the angle grinder cut 2 lines towards the center of the board. The cut a line perpendicular to those that will make the notches on the side.

Step 5: Make the end square

Picture of Make the end square
Drill with the wood bore a hole through that makes the end of the cut out. Then drill with the drill bit 2 holes they will make the corners of the hole. Then punch out the cut out. It looks kind of messy but you clean it up with the file in the next step.
would it be possible to have a wider cut (on top of you hole) say a few millimeters deep in order to have the top of the board flush?
hello, it would be easy to make the top of the board flush if you have the right tools.
using a dremel you could easy sand or grind out the few mil needed around the top, this would mean the trucks could drop in that little bit further and it wouldnt damage the structural strength of the board.

nice instructable by the way leego, im making my own longboard at the moment and i may use this instructable, thanks
leego09 (author)  Dyldo Baggins3 years ago
possibly but it would probably be difficult
ZdProjects3 years ago
Lol. I wasn't the only one to want to cut a drop through in my Apex 37. xD NIce instructable!
zazenergy3 years ago
nice work!
leego09 (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
acceptserg3 years ago
good info