Step 7: Cleaning up

Picture of Cleaning up
You're brand new!

Hop in the shower and give that scalp a good wash. Remember to have a second shirt lying around somewhere for when you get out of the shower. Putting on a shirt coated in tiny hair clippings doesn't really sound like fun.

Nothing left to do but admire the weight of hair in the bag as you tie it up and walk it to the curb. You may feel the urge to store the hair under your bed, but chances are you'll find it a year later and there will be a colony of maggots living in it. Trust me.
TheGoodLife6 years ago
I cut my hair with the buzz cutter, short back and sides all round. I dispose of my hair by composting it. Something must be eating the hair because I can't find one single follicle the following year.
It probally decomposed, but you may be right.
Aw, I liked the before pictures better…I guess I'm just a scruffy man type of women.
klimb3 years ago
Dust buster or vacuum is very helpful if you tend to fling hair all over the place.
Lissastrata3 years ago
This one made me laugh. Why can't my name be Sarah Fernbeck and why can't I rock a sweet beard?
you look sooo much better