Introduction: How to Cut an Avocado

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How do you peel an avocado? I've seen many people try to peel an avocado like an apple. This will work, but if you apply my simple three step method, you can save yourself some time and energy.

Step 1: Cut Avocado in Half

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Be aware of the pit when you are cutting. Slice in far enough to feel the knife hit the pit and then slide the knife around in a circle until the avocado is sliced in half. Pull two halves apart.

Step 2: Remove the Pit

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Strike the knife into the pit.

Twist the knife and the avocado in different directions. The Pit should stay attached to knife and loosen from the fruit. As you pull the knife away, the pit should come with.

Step 3: Scoop Out the Avocado Meat.

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Use a spoon. Scoop out the meat. Put it in the bowl.

Done your Avocados are peeled!


alwaysworks (author)2010-06-02

Wow such an incredibly useful instructable! I would have never figured this one out by myself

suayres (author)alwaysworks2011-05-18

One added tip: to remove the pit from the knife without cutting yourself, grasp the knife blade in your dominant hand and simply pinch behind/above the pit. It should slide right off the blade.

Vulcanator (author)2009-11-01

You just killed a baby avacado. it is possible to remove the precious pit without such careless destruction. plants have feelings too.

monmon_4 (author)2009-09-24

Thanks for the guide. I've linked to it for one of my recipes at

repworth (author)2009-08-04

Used similar technique for ages. My variations are: Slice right round avocado with small sharp knife, ensuring cut is just to one side of the stem attachment place, to ensure the hard bit is in only one half. Then squeeze both halves gently but firmly with a twisting action. If the pear is ripe this will release the pit from both halves, making it easy to just drop the pit into the garbage without touching it. Lastly I use a suitably sized spoon to "cut" the flesh of the pear into successive slices from one end. The blunt edge of the spoon does not cut through the hard skin, making it easy to keep your hands absolutely free of mess (the objective of my whole procedure. The alternative of Peeling is far more messy!) Its making me very hungry writing this so time to get one from the fridge, do the above, but add a scoop of mayonnaise and a grind of black pepper and consume it as it comes. Now, does anyone know a foolproof way of perfectly ripening Avocados? I often get them either too hard or too ripe.

cpns72 (author)2009-07-30

Cool. Gotta to try that. Thank you for clear instruction and pixies step by step.

canida (author)2008-08-05

I frequently pre-slice the avocado in the skin prior to scooping it out; then you've got a bowl full of nicely chopped avocado chunks. Just cross-hatch the entire thing. (If you use a butter knife it removes the chance of stabbing yourself through the skin.) Very nice clear explanation!

flactemnad (author)canida2008-08-05

When pre-slicing avocado in the skin you don't always need to resort to a butter knife for safety. I find that if I turn my knife around, blunt edge down, and slice with the blunt edge I don't cut through the skins. Just remember that you have the blade side facing up, and keep the fingers off of it!

Williz (author)2008-08-05

Eww the most horrible fruit to grace this planet D:

Lady Firelyght (author)Williz2008-08-05

Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

Williz (author)Lady Firelyght2008-08-05

Yeah I guess. I'm more of an Orange man myself.

Lady Firelyght (author)2008-08-05

Another way of getting the flesh out of the skin is by simply pealing back the skin. This makes it so you actually get to eat more of the flesh. Other than that, I do everything the same.

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