Picture of How To- Cute Duct Tape Bow
This is such a super cute and easy way to add some style to any kind of hairstyle....
Yes, I know it sounds really easy but it's worth it so I hope you guys all like it!
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Step 1: The Materials You'll Need Are...

Picture of  The Materials You'll Need Are...
1. Cutting mat (I got mine from Walmart for only about $8)

2. Ex-acto knife

3. Ruler

4. A bobby pin or some kind of clip so u can attach it to your hair (optional)

5. DUCT TAPE!!!!!! 1-2 rolls

Step 2: Cutting The Tape

Picture of Cutting The Tape
14, 2:03 PM.jpg
Take your duct tape and cut a 7" strip of duct tape and a 6" strip of duct

It helps if you put your ruler against the tape and cut along the ruler so you get a nice clean edge

Step 3: Cutting The Strips That Hold The Bow Together

Picture of Cutting The Strips That Hold The Bow Together
14, 2:03 PM.jpg
Once you have cut the tape set your six inch strip to the side. Then cut half of an inch strip of tape off of your seven inch strip of tape an cut the half strip of tape in half haha.

Step 4: The Body Of The Bow

Picture of The Body Of The Bow
14, 2:03 PM.jpg
14, 2:03 PM.jpg
Now take your 6" strip and lay it sticky side up
and lay the longer strip of tape on it so the is about an inch of sticky showing on the top and about a fourth of an inch showing on each side of your six inch strip of tape.

Then fold the sticky over the strip so there is only the sticky showing on the top.

Now when you folded the sides sticky over you are going to cut the top sticky into a triangle.

Step 5: Folding The Bow Into The Right Shape

Picture of Folding The Bow Into The Right Shape
14, 2:03 PM.jpg
Now you are ready to make the shape of your bow

Start by folding the strip back so that the triangle you cut out is on the inside of a sort of circle I really hope that makes sense and if it doesn't then try to understand by the picture sorry!

Step 6: Finishing The Bow

Picture of Finishing The Bow
14, 2:03 PM.jpg
Now all you have to do is put one of your fourth of an inch strip and put that in the middle of your bow and wrap it around the middle.

Snazzy_Girl_2003 (author) 11 months ago
Nice I can't tell what I made it out of but it looks good
fireball1234 made it!11 months ago
Here's mine!
I love these bows! They're adorable!=)
LE-RZ11 months ago
Snazzy_Girl_2003 (author) 11 months ago
doodlecraft11 months ago

so cute!

I love it<3
Snazzy_Girl_2003 (author) 11 months ago
Hope you all like this how to