Introduction: How to Dance

The Do's Don'ts and Must Knows that apply to all genres of dance.

Step 1: Rule #1 of Dancing Is You Don't Talk About Practicing Your Dance Moves in Front of the Mirror

When practicing your dance moves on your own time, it's probably a good idea to keep that to
yourself. If your fellow pals get wind of you dancing in front of the mirror, you could possibly
be subjecting yourself to some ridicule. This could result in a negative blow to your ego.

Step 2: Rule #2 It's Always a Good Idea to Stretch Before Engaging in Any Physical Activity Relating to Bustin' a Move

You don't want to pull a muscle now do you?

Step 3: Rule #3 Lifting Weights and Working Out Is Never a Bad Idea When It Comes to Dancing.

Some genres of dance such as break dancing or even ballet require you to be physically fit and
in shape, such dancing requires a lot of strength.

Step 4: Rule #4 Be Familiar With the History of the Genre of Dance You Are Learning.

Knowing the history of your chosen dance style could help you to understand techniques behind
the style. For instance did you know that breakdance is about 500 years old? also that it originated
in brazil by African slaves and was a blend of martial arts, game, and dance. Sorta makes you look
at the dance style a little differently huh?

Step 5: Rule#5 Be Light on Your Feet.

This will enable you to move quickly and be agile. Swig dance and the salsa require one to be light
on their feet for optimal dancing technique.

Step 6: Rule#6 When It Comes to Dancing in Public Places Like a Club or Party, It's Always Good to Know Which Dance Moves NOT to Do.

I'm almost positive moves such as the "Water spicket" or the "Lawn mower" are and never were in
style, they are never a good choice for a party.

Step 7: Rule #7 Be Familiar With the Vocabulary of That Genre or the Dance Lingo So to Say.

For example, know pop and lock does not refer to locking your keys in the car or that Balboa is not the fighter but actually a type of swing dance developed in the 1950's

Step 8: Rule #8 Some Dance Moves Should Be Retired.

The days of "the worm" are over now or so we hope. This move has been highly overused and in
some cases quite dangerous resulting in a busted nose, twisted back, or the trampling of others around you. Let's keep moves like these out of the common clubs and parties for the sake and safety of us all.


protree1 (author)2017-03-31

Want to prepare for Bride Dance

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-18

Haha, awesome, I love the other drawings in the images. Like the snake in the end... ;-) Or is that worm? I don't know...


yes it is a worm ;-) ?


*Imitating Cleveland* I believe that's called the worm

fridarosek (author)2013-08-03

I wish I knew HOW to dance.

Maydethg1016 (author)fridarosek2017-02-04

me too but I can't dance

:( ☹️

jvalderrama (author)2014-05-12

The martial art you were talking about is called Capoeira.

donatello44 (author)2011-08-02

Do you want dance? Go to the Dancers support center.

Ansoiaron (author)2009-03-22

Please don't say "even ballet." Ballet takes about fifteen times as much strength as the average person thinks.

kwhelpton (author)Ansoiaron2011-05-08

That it does. Near enough every muscle has to be pretty strong to do the lifts and don't even get me started on going on pointe lol

Cr4zy_Dud3_0n_F1r3 (author)2011-01-07

The worm is awesome, it just has to be executed correctly:

I remember having to adapt a story that we read in English class over to a stageplay and perform in front of the whole class (I was in a group of 4). I added in an extra "dance-off" scene since the whole story was basically a fight over a girl. I presented the additional clip to the teacher, and she laughed. So there was a dance-off in the middle of the play, and one of the guys did the worm, and everyone loved it.:)

The worm still deserves to live, but should only be performed by those who can do it right!

nk97 (author)2010-05-25

Nice! I'm liking the FX (effects).

Miles Parker (author)2009-04-02

I thought this was a very nice tutorial. Where it doesn't exactly tell us how to dance, it does provide some good advice and ideas.

megmaine (author)2009-04-01

It would be nice if you could flesh this out with actual instructions for how to dance, too.

crak-a-bottle (author)2009-03-22

drawing were kool!

thebboy (author)2008-12-11

haha, i love it.

AustralLord (author)2008-07-25

I agree, only good for messing around

AustralLord (author)2008-07-25

well sometimes you can do bad moves to be silly and entertaining, I modified the "sprinkler" and it looks very cool

jacobhu (author)2008-04-26

If your nervous about dancing in public. Don't revert to any of the above mention dances to try and be funny. Awkward self-parody at the club is funny, but not for any reason you would want it to be.

mikeasaurus (author)2008-04-18

umm I beg to differ. When wasn't 'the lawnmower in style?


it was never in style

dabusff (author)deathfromabove2008-04-20

uhm yes it was. The lawnmower is going strong. but the running man is way better.

aphrael (author)2008-04-18

I love the drawings! And this actually made me feel like dancing :D But i guess I need to study up first following these steps... :P

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