How to Put Up With a Bully


Introduction: How to Put Up With a Bully

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It's not right.

Step 1: Think Ahead

Think ahead of what you will say and how you will react.

Step 2: Show Time

When the bully says something mean to you,act like you don't what he/she said and say thank you. When you say that it takes the fun out of their bullying and then they won't bully you any more.Try to talk to an adult about your situation.

Step 3: Big Bad Bully

If a bully is hurting you physically and they're bigger than you say,wow you're such a wimp to be hurting someone smaller than you or go pick on someone your own size!Like I said try to tell an adult about your situation.Hope this helps.

Step 4: We Can

We can make a difference in this world.Just one step at a time we can.Stand up for others.



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    And always, if you feel bullied, tell somebody!