How to Deck Out Back to School Supplies





Introduction: How to Deck Out Back to School Supplies

I will teach you how to deck out supplies to make them look nice and will make them one of a kind

Step 1: Washi Tape Pencil 1

This is one technic to make your pencils look good and never get lost.just rap at the top near the eraser

Step 2: Washi Tape Pencil 2

This pencil is basic.y the same technic as the first pencil. Just repeat that step until the whole pencil is coverd

Step 3: Washi Tape Pencil 3

Take a long piece of duckling tape and rap on one side and take another and do the same thing to the other side

Step 4: Cover the Note Book Withe Washi Tape or Duct Tape Fold Over the Access on the Other Side



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I love it! Maybe I'll make iy

Nice job! I really like the notebook. Maybe also going around the inside edge with washi (kinda like a border) would look good too, and keep the edges from peeling in the busy weeks to come.

Hi hope you like this instructuble