Picture of How To Delete All Your Photos At Once
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Step 1: Go Into Settings

Picture of Go Into Settings

Step 2: Go Into General

Picture of Go Into General

Step 3: Go Into Usage

Picture of Go Into Usage

Step 4: Go Into Photos And Camera

Picture of Go Into Photos And Camera

Step 5: Swipe To Delete

Picture of Swipe To Delete
joety (author) 1 year ago
Sonicrz it is ios 7
sonicrz1 year ago
Is that ios7
sonicrz1 year ago
Much better than tapping every picture
Golden77662 years ago
He did ios 7 beta
joety (author) 2 years ago
What iOS and iphone
It didn't work on mine
Thnxs that's a good thing to keep in mind
joety (author) 2 years ago
It is under the apple section @ivanjacob
ivanjacob2 years ago
So how do i do that on android??
This instructable is not complete.