How To Design and Create a scale motorcycle Model

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Hello, in this tutorial I take you through a simple step by step process on how to start the design of a motorcycle to finishing with a scale model of it. I will achieve this by showing a variety of step by step videos, pictures, and I will also give a brief description. Through out this you will also have a learning experience with many different kinds of software that I used. The final product is based on a model I designed my self. The time frame for this project is about a week and a half, this includes printing the parts and painting them.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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Step 1: What you will Need

the materials you will need are:

1. Pencils
2. Pens
3. Erasers
4. Paper
5. Markers
6. Acrylic paint
7. Airbrush
8. Paint brush
9. Super glue
10.  Graphics tablet
11.  3D printer
12. a computer
13. display case
14. hot glue gun
15. hot glue sticks

Software used:

• Autodesk Sketchbook Designer
• Autodesk Inventor Pro
• Autodesk Alias Automotive
• Autodesk Showcase
• CatalystEX

Step 2: Research

Picture of Research
For this step it is very simple. I would recommend going onto the internet and looking at different motorcycles. Researching many styles will help give you ideas. You can look for themes, frame styles, colours, and many other things. This will help either giving you ideas or show you how others have done what you are about to do.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Nice project!

You should enter this into the Big and Small Challenge!