Stu139 months ago

Brilliant, you make it look so easy. I tried before & seemed to break every other pallet strip trying to pry them from the blocks. Start with the lump hammer next time!

Tampaguy1 year ago

Oh, how I wish I could "appropriate" such NEW-Looking Pallets! In FL, They seem to be quite used, and the nails are Rusted - INSIDE the wood - Hot summer + High Humidity + as little as 2-weeks outdoors... But I shall go forth, and use the technique as persevere and use this technique.... and I shall TRIUMPH! I must become "Choosier" and pick better (and newer) pallets.

I SHALL become... A PALLETEER! Thanks so much!

bgunville1 year ago
I like the ease of disassembly you show.. now I am going out to try it.
Mamahabu1 year ago

I had some trouble trying to figure out what a "Lump Mallet" was when reading this... then watched the video. Duh. It's a Sledge-Hammer, in the USA. Thanks for the video!

I love the whole presentation, but I especially like the video. It's great. In the comments someone mentioned using a car jack. That's a good idea if you have one that fits, but mine doesn't.

In the hardware stores where I am they sell bar clamps that are adaptable and can be used as spreaders. I was thinking of using a heftier bar clamp as a spreader for the initial step, although I might not have as much control over what comes away from what.

Caution!; Be very careful using pallet material, one should pick and choose the pallets to use for other than what they were made for.
Why you ask? Preservatives! There are some pallet makers/mfg dip their pallets in a anti-insect and anti-rot solutions and are very poison if handled w/o gloves very long. Do not burn inside as a wood fuel source for the fireplace or stoves, very toxic.

Many pallet buyers will specify what the dip should be because their customer has an idea where it's destinations are.

Do not breath the dust if you are running the pallet wood threw the power saws.

Paint the wood and it should be safe if it receives a solid coating.
one way to make sure you are not dealing with hazardous material is to look for a stamp that says HT printed on pallet. This means that it was heat treated rather than being chemically treated. Those will have a CT printed.

I am not 100% sure that there are not pallets out there that are chemically and heat treated but I do know that if they use chemicals they have to stamp the pallets CT.
GreyBird4 years ago
Nice! After taking hundreds of them apart I find the really tuff ones with the nice wood that you don’t want to spoil comes off easily and with little or no damage by using a car jack. Apply the pressure via the jack close to the block. Here is a picture of what the jack looks like, mine has been modified though to fit better.

paqrat GreyBird3 years ago
Perhaps you could do an instructable showing how to use a car jack to remove the wood from a pallet. I would really like to see one. I am having a hard time picturing how one might use a jack on a pallet.
vjdoro3 years ago
Well done, thanks
raviolikid3 years ago
Wonderful video! I feel like going right out and finding me a pallet to take apart!

sschwartz3 years ago
That was very well done...I've been doing it the hard way for quite some time now...this will be much easier...thank you so much!!
mmandrez4 years ago
WAY TO GO! NICE ! Thanks for posting.
lratica4 years ago
A+ video! The best part? NO TALKING!!! Perfectly explained without unnecessary blathering on and on.....BRAVO!
Nicely done!  Have split a fair few down in the past in a random manner.  Will try this and see if I fair as well as you.
Love it,
Am off to get me a lump hammer in the morning and go round up some pallets x I am sure that it is not going to be as easy as it looked though.
onrust5 years ago
that is some clean wood left behind.
wish me luck, i doubt im as lucky.