Lego is one of the best ways to do a stop motion animation. 

It is easier than using larger toys, and it looks very good by comparison, and will take less time to do.

Step 1: Building the Set

Basic things you will need for a set are:
  • A stand/ground for  the characters to walk on
  • A background
  • Walls on the sides
<p>Its better than any stop motion animation i made! Love it!</p>
wow, this is awesome ! great job!!
Great video! I never can get the walking down for legos but now I got some new stuff to try. If you want you can see my video on my Custom John Deere Lawn mower.
This is totally &quot;feature&quot; worthy. Excellent work!! Nice lasers!!
i agree <br>
Great tips, and the movie was fun! Walking with LEGO minifigs seems like the hardest part to me, but your movie makes it looks really good. <br /> <br />Do you have any tips for lighting? I would think it would be hard to have consistant lighting throughout shooting. Also, how long did this short clip take you to shoot and edit?
Well, with the lighting, I didn't really have anything special, just the lights in my classroom over my work station. I was worried about the reflections coming off of the Lego, but it turned out okay. <br>Since I've only been able to work on this at school, it took me a little while to shoot. Editing took a decent amount of time because I'm new to the software. <br>In total, I'd say it took me just over a week. It probably won't take as long for the next animation I make. <br>Also, the walking was relatively easy, the only setback is that it took a while to make all those Lego people walk at the same time. <br>Thanks for the comment!

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