Introduction: How to Do a Super Easy Origami Boat

How to make a super easy origami boat! And it actually floats on water! And uses not a square sheet, but a full. Lets start!

Step 1: Long Fold

You can use a line sheet of paper, or a blank sheet of paper. It will still work if the line sheet of paper has holes on the side. It will still work. 1. Your going to fold it up.(the long way)

Step 2: Two Flaps

1. You are going to take the two flaps and fold them down.

Step 3: Fold the Two Flaps Into Small Triangles

Your going to take the two flaps and fold the down. Look at the picture for more understanding. Do this for all four sides.

Step 4: Fold the Triangular Folds

You're going to take the triangular folds and old the down. Make sure you do this for all four sides.

Step 5: Two Flaps Up

Then take the two flaps. And fold them up, do this for all two sides.

Step 6: Open Flaps and Flip

Your going to take the two flaps and open it, when you do your going to bend it up side down. Make sure it doesn't rip. Straighten it out. It can also hold pens and pencils and markers and other things! And finally! We're done! Hope to enjoyed this, make sure you try it out on water when your done! Please comment and follow Cindy02 And ask for suggestions on other things to make :D have a wonderful day!!!


Friendy+Wender made it!(author)2013-12-21

Does it float?

plantin+pathway+ made it!(author)2013-11-15


Cindy02 made it!(author)2013-07-23

Yeah this paper one can float in water to (but it won't stay long) about 2-3 hours

aqua+12 made it!(author)2013-07-22

Awesome! you should make it out of cardboard so you can put it in water!