How to Do an Air Baby Freeze (Breakdancing Move)





Introduction: How to Do an Air Baby Freeze (Breakdancing Move)

How To Do An Air Baby Freeze (Breakdancing move)



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    fyi---the movie was removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    lol tryed it and failed im sooo bad if i cant do this and i realy wanna do breakdancing!

    ....thats not an airbaby thats just a baby freeze air baby is when ur on one hand with ur knee rested on that elbow and the rest of your body is used for balance

    dats alrite but i have seen better


    hahah nice i can do that to im acutally working on my crickets as soon as i can ill post and 'ible and also the background music the korean breakdacne remix fo canon did you play it right off youtube or get an mp3 version of it if you did can you tell me where to get it??

    itunes is your friend. but if you don't want to pay, you could try youtube, not sure it'll have it though

    i might as well pay for it i have to stop being sucha cheapskape oh yeah and btw nice instructable XD

    if your talking to me, this isn't my instructable.

    Cool. :-) You're posting a lot of cool videos, maybe try Instructables, I would like to see some of yours. Nice job on this video!