This is a tutorial teaching you the Chidori hand signs from naruto. Chidori is used by Sasuke Uchiha And Kakashi hatake enjoy.

Step 1: Hand Sign 1 Ox

Make two rock horn hand things and put them together
I try many times but I got no more than electrical burn marks all over the room, burn the house and electrocuted my cat, :C Im doing something wrong?
<p>It's because you don't have enough chakra, this is a highly advanced jutsu, and cannot be performed safely without sharingan, hence why only kakashi the copy ninja and sasuke uchiha use it.</p>
<p>it's because the hand signs are wrong</p>
How can i do it..!?
Three clans dude you can do it!
I just burned my cousin with the chodori he insulted my scent<br>
<p>dude! its just in a cartoon it's not real!</p><p>so just stop making a fool of yourself</p>
Dude screw you you have no right to say that for I know ya suck at making electricity pure CHAKRA come out of your hands!
<p>The hand signs were not clear enough..........I accidently built a shelf!</p>
<p>You even got the hand seals all wrong except monkey. </p>
<p>how do you make the chidori work i do all hand signs nd i put down arm and grabbing it but i dont see any ahocks </p>
Do we have to do them all in silhouette?

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