This is a tutorial teaching you the Chidori hand signs from naruto. Chidori is used by Sasuke Uchiha And Kakashi hatake enjoy.

Step 1: Hand Sign 1 Ox

Make two rock horn hand things and put them together
<p>dude! its just in a cartoon it's not real!</p><p>so just stop making a fool of yourself</p>
It may seem fake, but it is real, but the show/anime exaggerates some thing. But I assure you, any jutsu can be destructive to anyone or anything if done correctly.
<p>Dude it is real it just requires extreme focus and advanced chakra control</p>
Dude screw you you have no right to say that for I know ya suck at making electricity pure CHAKRA come out of your hands!
Man how can I do it..it seems to be 2 weeks from now i cant still do it
<p>how do you make the chidori work i do all hand signs nd i put down arm and grabbing it but i dont see any ahocks </p>
Well to answer your question, this jutsu requires an intense amount of chakra, so unless you can focus and be able to build up/control chakra, you cannot perform this. Also, without the hand seals being performed at a direct and steady speed, the build up of chakra will not be easy. I recommend first doing small exercises with chakra control, chakra build up, and purely the amount of chakra you can use.
<p>I DON'T CARE!</p>
<p>I am master!(doing all the simbles at the same time)</p>
<p>Any type of &quot;jutsu&quot; not just &quot;chidori&quot; will require a lot of training and advanced control over you chakra, so I don't advise you actually try &quot;chidori&quot; You can learn the hand signs to impress your friends or whatever, but you should start with simple meditation and trying to focus you chakra to certain points.If you try to actually perform &quot;chidori&quot; without the proper control or understanding let's just say you'll be out for a few days</p>
<p>He described them correctly even if he did not correctly put his hands together </p>
Please tell me how to do it..and how you feel if chakra are releasing to make chidori
I try many times but I got no more than electrical burn marks all over the room, burn the house and electrocuted my cat, :C Im doing something wrong?
<p>It's because you don't have enough chakra, this is a highly advanced jutsu, and cannot be performed safely without sharingan, hence why only kakashi the copy ninja and sasuke uchiha use it.</p>
<p>it's because the hand signs are wrong</p>
How can i do it..!?
Three clans dude you can do it!
I just burned my cousin with the chodori he insulted my scent<br>
<p>The hand signs were not clear enough..........I accidently built a shelf!</p>
<p>You even got the hand seals all wrong except monkey. </p>
Do we have to do them all in silhouette?

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