Hello people, today i'am gonna show you how to do fireball jutsu learning by sasuke uchiha!!!!!!

Step 1: Snake

The snake is very easy, just do al your fingers together or something :)

Step 2: Ram

Why is this called ram it don't look like it. Ok now i'am gonna be normal an quait

Step 3: Monkey

Step 4: Boar

Step 5: Horse

Step 6: Tiger

Step 7: Now You Are Done

made it
<p>the boar is the hardest for me</p>
Oh my gosh I thought you were serious
The ram is the hardest for me to do
<p>Thats really easy and also can you do a tutorial on Haku's ice mirror jutsu?</p>
<p>Its not as hard as i hoped</p>
I'am sorry. i have change it now
The instructions weren't clear, I accidentally built a shelf.