How to Do Parkour in Your Own House





Introduction: How to Do Parkour in Your Own House

Ok, so I moved to a new house because my old on is getting an extension. I got pretty bored so I just skilfully flipped over some of the walls, so I made this instructable to show you how to also skilfully flip over your walls at home! PS... I wear the mask to conceal my identity, like Spider-Man or Batman, the list goes on!

Step 1: Find a Wall

So first of all you're going to have to find a wall. (duh!)

Step 2: How to Jump-Kick

So to jump-kick, you're have to run at the wall, jump on the wall and when your leg (either one) touches the wall, thrust you leg off and also push off with your hand and spin to the other side, landing with TWO legs. This is a vital instruction because you could fall and hurt your self easily if you land on one leg.

Step 3: How to Flip Off Your Bed

Ok so to do this you first have to lay on your bed. Then, put your hand on the edge and put your legs on the wall, you then kick off the bed and pull yourself towards your hand and then bounce off the bed landing on the floor.

Step 4: The Last Trick... the Kick Push

This is extremely similar to the jump-kick but a tiny bit different. So to do this, you run up to a wall, jump on it, push off with your hand and leg then land on both feet. TA DA!!! Thanks for looking at this instructable, remember to follow me on instructables and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WOO HOO! 2015!



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    this is amazing!!!

    What kind of mental training did this guy go through!

    (In my head) " Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake bakers man; Bake me a cake as fast as you can!"

    Looks like fun! Although, be careful you don't kick a hole right through the drywall!