How to Do Stop Motion With 3DS




Introduction: How to Do Stop Motion With 3DS

It's me again! Today I will show you have to do stop motion with your 3ds.

Step 1: Tools

You will need: 3ds, figures of any kind.

Step 2: Getting Ready

Set up your background. Then get your stuff, for example: LPS.

Step 3: Camera

We're gunna be using a 3ds for this, so open up Nintendo 3DS Camera.

Step 4: How to Get to Stop Motion

Now you go to the video tap, and tap the button with the gear on it. It will has Interval, Stop Motion, and Montage. Tap Stop Motion.

Step 5: How to Do Stop Motion

Now you press shoot. Then move them a bit, then press shoot again. Repeat this until your done.

Step 6: Now Your Done! Tips

Then your done! I hoped this helped. Some tips: if you tap the button with a moon, it has a low light option for if you don't have that much light. If you tap Manual Controls, you can change the film, sharpness, contrast, and brightness.



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