On this instructable I will show how to set up and pull off the best classic pranks and a few others that I have seen done with great results. These pranks are all completely harmless and will not hurt anyone if they are done how I explain them. All of these are easy to do with materials you should have around your house or they are very cheap.

Have fun with these pranks and remember it's not a prank if you take it too far.

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Step 1: Plastic Wrap Around the Door

This prank is simply where you will have to put some plastic wrap around the door frame of a commonly used door. This is one of my favorite pranks because it is very easy to set up and the people that run into this always have a great look of "What the heck happened?!?!" on their faces.


-Plastic wrap (any size)
-Masking Tape
-Door Frame

First you will need to select a door frame to do this one. Then Get your plastic wrap and just lay it across the part of the door where the victim's face and chest part of their body will be. You do not want to put this were their feet will be because if their feet hit it before their face it will not be very funny. Then around the edges of the plastic wrap put the masking tape over it so it will not come off when they walk through. The trick to this one is to not get any wrinkles in the plastic wrap so it will be almost invisible. Remember we want this to STOP them not wrap them in plastic and suffocate them.
A really mean prank is: take 2 packets of mayo or something like that u get at a fast food restaurant and fold one in half and put it under a toilet seat pointing towards the bowl and do the same w/ another put pointing towards the front. And when they go to sit down with enough force it will go all over them. Warm honey packets also work. Switch it up also idk what works and what doesn't.  
<p>But that's so mean!</p>
<p>this was in a captain underpants book they used ketchup and called them &quot;squisheis&quot;</p>
Lol, I read the whole series too =3
<p>how do i do the duct tape them to the wall one without them noticing?</p>
It's hard if they're a light sleeper.
<p>how do you do it</p>
HAHAHA! i did the door frame one and totally got my brother!
I've had the last one played on me, but I heard it right away as soon as i moved the vehicle a few feet and knew what it was. Sooo' time for revenge. I taped a fairly heavy weight to their driveshaft. it doesn't make any noise but vibrates like something is really wrong once they get up some speed.
Also funny is to pour half a cup of olive oil in the exhaust pipe, once the exhaust heats up after 5 minutes or so the car will smell like a chinese take away...
...... <br> <br> <br> <br>...... <br> <br> <br>O.O <br> <br>^.^ <br> <br>XP LOLLOLOL
THIS is why I wear a watch; among other things..
My grandma purposely sets her clock 5-10 minutes ahead so she won't be late to whatever she needs to do that day.
My Mum does that too but it stresses her out like hell because she forgets she set it that way and she thinks that she is always late XD
Another funny prank, put clock back 3-4 hours now before they go to sleep put cardboard over the window (preferably before they go to sleep) and make sure no light gets through now just wait for them to fall asleep. They will wake up look at the clock and say it is still night. Kept my brother like that until 5 in the afternoon priceless.
XD I am soo doing that!
WOAH! I do not have time to get up, have coffee and put the twist tie on my dads drive-shaft all before 6:30 am!
what if they run out without any clothes don't think u want to film
you would want to film it and get censor bar put on haha
theres alwasys that other thing u could do with it ........O_O
What is the other thing?
ohhh das nasstie
if you have access to thier bathroom and the police dont deem it worthy to take the tape. its probably not someone you...yaknow
depends how good looking they are<br />
Er, I never really got the point of this. Is this to make it look like the toilet is filled with water? or to well, do the obvious. and keep thing from hitting the water?<br />
No, it is so when you try to go poo-poo in the toilet, it will apear as if your poo is floating in mid-air or that it is still there.
OMG colonel i am cracking up right now.
ok i am gonna do this to my mom or dad this april fools but what happens if they slap me instead of itching their face?<br><br>This also works great with toothpaste
loved this one. it was great on afv!
The problem with this one s that IF they have a plastic gas tank, the zip tie can and WILL start eating into the tank. Depending on how long they go before having the noise "looked at", there is a definite chance that this could result in a fuel leak .. and require a quite expensive gas tank replacement. Not to mention the safety hazards involved.
Really? A zip tie, knocking a whole in a 3/16" - 1/4" plastic fuel tank IF they have one of course? Think again! That would wear the end of the zip tie down till it doesn't hit anymore, long before any "safety hazards".
well it spins around and if your going 100 mph its gonna hit hard not to mention the fact friction generates heat
1. If you're going 100 mph, you must be alone on a highway or having one monster of a medical emergency. 2. Your arguments could be used either way- it can hit hard, so the zip tie can break. It generates heat- melting the zip tie. Now let's see... 1 little bitty piece of flexible plastic vs a huge thick gas tank... Even plastic lawnmower gas tanks are tougher than that. I have one on my four-wheeler. That thing has taken so much abuse, but it's still as strong as it was at first. No dents or anything.
do you not think the manufacturers of these cars test for things hitting the gas tank at high speed such as stones or gravel???????????
If you're really worried, buy the zip ties at a Dollar Store. You'll be lucky if they hold up to 20 mph!
Every ziptie that I know of (unless your going to buy some super-strength zipties) will break before any damage will occur. Also once they reach around (depending on the ziptie and the gear ration on the rear of the car) the ziptie will break anywhere from 40-60 mph
who is the person in the duct tape?
All these physicists that know the natural decay rates of plastic hitting plastic, yet nobody knows simple grammar or spelling. There is a spell check option at the bottom!
&nbsp;Thinking of that comment, what if the gas tank bursts and then spills on a high heat object, everyone in the area will get flamed.
Autoignition temperature of gasoline is average of 495 degrees F. Most things under the hood don't reach that temperature maybe 300F on a really hot day. Exhaust, yes but then again normal leaks would consist of droplets. If it's a stream of gasoline then it might catch itself on fire and flow up into the tank and blow up but it has to hit the exhaust perfectly and flow upwards steadily which is also highly unlikely since an engineer would have to be stupid to put a tank directly above the exhaust pipe. If the car is moving very fast wind turbulance would disrupt the flow of fire. Eventually the gas meter would drop and the driver would know something is wrong. there are far too many things that stop something like this from becoming a disaster that i'd bet real money that a gas tank would never blow up under these conditions
mythbusters proved exactly that, even after lighting the fule and getting the greenzone air to fule mix perfect they still could'nt get the damn thing to blow, thats in a controlled enviroment
Seriously? Fuel tanks have skid plates to protect them in case of road debris if a zip tie could puncture a fuel tank I think the roads in this country would be painted with fuels of different types.
Yep. Unfortunately a spell check that will pick up 'Yep' as a spelling error but will see nothing wrong with the phrase "there's a whole in the bottom". ( a whole what?!??!)
It's spell checking not grammar checking. LOL
Well it should be.
A&nbsp;whole entire absence of matter. Also known as a &quot;hole&quot; (note the omitted &quot;W&quot;, but don't ask. You don't want to know).

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