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Hi! Sorry my last few instructables have been bad! Plz forgive me:( But this one will be good. Ya see, the birthday card one I did was stupid because I was making a card for my friend and also wanted to do an intractable:0 but today we will be making a candy like bracelet. You will need: 4 pieces of string( differ t colors work best) Scissors Beads( optional) Tape Lets get started!:)
Yes. I agree. I have no idea what it will look like. That is more important than photos of you cutting yarn. That is self-explanatory. Anyone can figure out how to do that. There are more important things that we need photos of. Otherwise it could be a good instructable.
Sorry. I wrote at the end to just keep continuing... There was not enough storage to take a picture of the final thing in my camera roll. Again, sorry
Where is a picture of the finished bracelet? This is basic macramé, but instructions are not complete and not enough pics.

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