How to Do the Perfect Hairstyle for Tween Girls





Introduction: How to Do the Perfect Hairstyle for Tween Girls

About: I am a Wife, Mom of 4, Accountant, YouTuber, Blogger and the list goes on and on. What I love most is God, my Family, and simply having fun! My goal is to teach Mom's how to care for their daughter's hair. ...

Are you looking for cute hair styles for your tween age girl? She's too big for pig tails, but not big enough for teen styles. This is the perfect style for her!

This video will give you step by step instructions for how to do this hair style!

If you don't know how to cornrow, learn HERE.

If you don't know how to put beads in braids, learn HERE.

Happy Styling,


Step 1: Make a Part

Start on the left side. Make a slanted part (use the edge of her eye as your guide) to her ear.

Step 2: Extend the Part

Take the part down just above her ear.

Step 3: Start Slanted Parts

Make a short slanted part on the right side down to her ear and cornrow that section.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat step 3 until you have cornrowed all of the hair. I made 5 braids. You can make as many or little as needed.

Step 5: Go to Left Side of Head

Make a short part on the left side past her ear and cornrow.

Step 6: Add Beads

Add beads to your braids for a cute flare! Learn How to Add Beads HERE!

Step 7: Go to Rear of Head

Make a slanted part in the back and cornrow. Put this cornrow up into the ponytail.

Step 8: Ponytail

Make a ponytail. Don’t forget to put the rear cornrow into the ponytail OR you can let it hang and add beads to it.

Step 9: Baby Hairs!

Now sculpt those baby hairs with an eyebrow brush and some gel and you are done!

Step 10: Finished Look!

All Done! I hope you enjoyed this easy to follow tutorial!

Happy Styling,

Shaunic of



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    I think your styles rule!!! And it's helpful

    Very cute! These girls will turn heads as they go back to school. Thanks for the easy directions.

    4 replies

    You are very welcome! I have tons of tutorials on my blog and youtube channel! I'll be posting many more like this each week!

    You are very welcome! It's my pleasure to do these to help Mom's care for and style there daughter's hair!