Picture of How To: Domo-Kun Plushie/Mini Pillow
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:D Ever want to make a Domo-Kun Plushie? Yeah it seems sort of hard right?
-Its Not(:

What You Need:
-Fabric, (Colors: 1 Red, 1 White, 1 Black, 2 Brown) 
-Needle, Thread (In colors above),  ..OR SEWING MACHINE. 
-Hard Surface To Work On ;; Optional xD
-Domo Pattern (Optional)

Average Price: 13$-20$
Depends on size & materials. Mine was: $13.22
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Step 1: Cutting Out The Shapes

Picture of Cutting Out The Shapes
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2010-12-03 20.38.33.jpg
I got a domo pattern from alittlestranger.com
Heres the site link: http://www.alittlestranger.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/domo.jpg

1. Cut out the pattern (Which you can resize to however large you want your Domo Plushie)

2. Put the pattern on your brown felt and trace it. 
.....I put down 2 pieces of brown felt so i could easily cut them out at the same time.....

3. Cut out the brown felt.

Step 2: Cutting Out The Eyes, Mouth, Teeth

Picture of Cutting Out The Eyes, Mouth, Teeth
2010-12-03 20.45.22.jpg
2010-12-03 20.50.21.jpg
2010-12-03 21.00.07.jpg
1) Cut out one of the circle eyes from the paper domo pattern.
-(I used the scalpel but gave up and finally used scissors)-
2) Trace 2 Circles on the black felt. I used a blue sharpie and it showed up very lightly. Cut out the 2 circles when done..
3) Cut out the mouth and trace it on the red felt, cut it out when done.
4) Cut out one tooth and go to your white felt; trace 5 teeth on the bottom row, 5 on top. Cut them out when done(:

Step 3: Place the mouth & Eyes in the proper places.

Picture of Place the mouth & Eyes in the proper places.
2010-12-03 22.32.16.jpg
2010-12-03 22.40.14.jpg
1) I put the Domo pattern on the brown felt, then put the eyes & mouth in the correct placements. Put pins on them to keep them in place & to prevent them from moving.
3) Sew the two brown pieces together. 

What i did was turned the felt inside out then sew'd the pieces together.

IMPORTANT: LEAVE ONE SIDE OPEN. I left the bottom open, it seemed easiest.

Turn it back inside-out(:

Step 4: Sew on the Mouth&Eyes

Picture of Sew on the Mouth&Eyes
2010-12-03 23.42.26.jpg
2010-12-03 23.43.50.jpg
1) Sew on the mouth and eyes :D
Simple enough?

I did it by hand.
-I would prefer machine but the only one i have in the house is complicated & noisy.
tstafford41 year ago
great job!
catasoras3 years ago
OMG I LOVE IT! do you know how long it took to make it? i dont have very much extra time :)
ChrysN4 years ago
Cute Domo! You should put one of the completed pictures first in the Intro so everyone can see the final product on the thumbnail.
XxUnicornSkieexX (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
Thanks for the advice(: I'll get that done right now.
Dnamra4 years ago
Totally awesome. I'm gonna build one for my cousin's christmas present. He's Domo-addicted.
XxUnicornSkieexX (author)  Dnamra4 years ago
Haha that would be a nice present.