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This is a simple drawing lesson.

The focus of this lesson will be to teach you basic exercises that you can do to sharpen your skills. We will draw a cartoon figure at the end to illustrate the purpose of the exercises.

Before you begin, you must get a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener and a plain paper. (any type will do for now). Find a comfortable area with good lighting to work. A little music for some ambience also helps.

So let's begin!

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Step 1: Circle Exercise

Picture of Circle Exercise

Lets begin with the circle exercise Yes, circles.

Draw a series of circles as uniform as possible going up and down the page. Don't spend time aiming to make them perfectly round. Instead, draw them at a steady pace.

The purpose of this exercise is to loosen up your hand, to help you get a comfortable grip on your drawing tool (pencil, pen, etc) and to help you get some of that initial drawing rustiness out of your system.

This is a great step to take before you begin drawing anytime. It is also great to do while you're on the phone, watching TV or during any down time.

I know it seems amateur, but it is great practice.

Step 2: Line exercise

Picture of Line exercise
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This next step is the Line Exercise.

Draw straight lines ranging from 2-3 inches long. Uniform and parallel to each other. Do this by completing a line with one stroke. Do not lift your pencil off the paper. Do as many as you can.
I chose to do mine diagonally, but any direction that you prefer is ok.

This exercise will help you gain good control of your drawing tool, learn to draw in single strokes and once again, get some rusty drawing off your system.

This is another great exercise to try before you begin to draw,when you're on the phone, watching TV or during your downtime.

If you can, try to fill the page or see how much you can do. Sometimes, even if you draw nothing else, these exercises will prove very effective in sharpening your skills.

Below you can see a sample of one of my exercise pages.

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brunnjon7 years ago
I like your emphasis on exercises. They really help you get used to using your drawing tools. It's much easier to put what's in your mind's eye onto paper when your hands aren't getting in the way.
Carolina The Doodler (author)  brunnjon8 months ago

Thank you brunnjon! I agree =)

Im am also left handed and enjoy doodling, great instructable and im loving the complete dredlock guy!
Thanks Kiwi! Lefties rule!
I like your doodles - plus, they add authenticity to the instructable...proves you've got some talent and aren't just giving us tips you found off the internet. And the video does a good job of explaining the entire process. Good job.
Thanks a bunch! This was my first instructable ever and I had a lot of fun makin it ;)
Here is my forum topic with my doodles/cartoons, scanned and imported, then vectorised & coloured using inkscape. Hope you like them.
smashbob6 years ago
really nice i'ble. i like how you even included how to practice. its looks so simple but when i try to draw cartoons, they always turn out to be not very good. thanks. if you have any other tips, please tell me about them :-) you should also post more i'bles, your good at explaining things with words
Carolina The Doodler (author)  smashbob3 years ago
Thanks! :)
SpecStudio2 months ago

Dear Carolina

Thanks for sharing on how to draw which was described very simple yet very professional and I've enjoyed it very much but I think that drawing or Visual Arts doesn't require tutorials because I believe that Drawing is up to you and you don't have to learn art. You just have to express art from your feelings and emotion and express that into a 2 dimensional work and it doesn't matter if you're bad or not! Art is up to your style so go for it whether your crappy at art or your amazing at art.

It's all up to you. :)

Carolina The Doodler (author)  SpecStudio2 months ago
Thanks for your feedback Spec!
I agree with you, every artist wether new or pro develops their own style as they acquire and learn technique along the way.

My tutorial is an approach to practice-based drawing that teaches what I have learned about the importance of warming up with basics prior to drawing or doodling =)

Doodle on my friend! =)
libbyw191 year ago
It's cool thanx
Carolina The Doodler (author)  libbyw198 months ago

thank you! =)

libbyw191 year ago
Very good helped me loads thanx! X
cgreer61 year ago
inzane20011 year ago
This is a great instructable, Carolina.
trevormac1 year ago
it's rustiness,dear
trevormac1 year ago
CLEAR.I'm halftrained and will take some leaves from this book
jjone5382 years ago
U are good at cartooning Great!! :)
Mrballeng3 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial.
Carolina The Doodler (author)  Mrballeng3 years ago
You're welcome! Thanks for checking it out ;)
"whoops..." LOL great video thanks for the 'ible!
LoL! Thanks ;)
splazem3 years ago
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Carolina The Doodler (author)  splazem3 years ago
Thanks for stopping in!
The step 1, pic 2 is PRETTY scary!
Beach wolf head.jpg
Hey! I like your pic. There is no pic 2 in step 1 though. lol.
Hey this is just a question. Would it be adequate to use a blue fine tipped pen?
thanks for the nice compliments. =) Practice makes us artists happy with our drawings, keep up your chops with any exercise that you notice works for you.
I love to draw with pens. Fine Tip Blue Ink pens work just fine, just be cautious to not over work any lines bc those pens may bleed excess ink and ruin your drawings.
Keep up the good work!
You Should really put your drawing skills to the test and create one HUGE drawing/doodle and put an instructable up about it

That's a great suggestion!!!i might just try it out :)
i meant step 3 pic 2, no offense
no worries. That's the Jumping Lady, she is pretty freaky looking.
coolo525 years ago
Carolina The Doodler (author)  coolo525 years ago
it's my son, he walked into the room when I was filming and started talking up a storm.
starmoon1255 years ago
酷哦~It's like a ghost on the right,so cool~~
hey, nice drawing. i am a great drawer too. do you like my drawing of the original mario?
rikkdbomb7 years ago
hey, your left handed just like me! I think that makes people more creative, something vauge to do with right/left brain. You can look it up if you want. I also enjoy doodling but I never thought of any kind of exersize (!!!???) to warm up. Thanks, this is a good idea because my are always slightly off and it's aggravating. Good videos, only slightly bad thing is that they were at 1x speed, and watching someone draw that slow is really dull. what kind of pen was that? I dont mean specific model, but just like.. sharpie fine tipped,etc etc.
the right brain is the artistic side, but the left side of the body controls the right brain. weird, isn't it.
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