How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

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Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Dog

Hi thank you for viewing this indestructible hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

First get your supplies, you will need a sharpie, and a piece of paper

Step 2: The Head Shape

First you need to draw a u but don't draw the line at the end.

Step 3: Ears

Then connect the ears like in the picture

Step 4: The Top of the Head

Then connect the the top of the head by connecting the ears like shown in the picture

Step 5: Eyes

To draw the eyes you need to do little tear drops in the center of the face and draw little dots in the middle and you have eyes

Step 6: Nose

Now you need to draw a big fat nose near the bottom of the face

Step 7: Tongue

Now the last step is the tongue, so now draw a u shape connected to the head and draw a line to show detail and you done!!!!!

Step 8: Your Done

Done!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed this!!!!!!!!!



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