Picture of How To Draw A Cartoon Dog
Hi thank you for viewing this indestructible hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!
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Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

Picture of Supplies You Will Need
First get your supplies, you will need a sharpie, and a piece of paper

Step 2: The Head Shape

Picture of The Head Shape
First you need to draw a u but don't draw the line at the end.

Step 3: Ears

Picture of Ears
Then connect the ears like in the picture

Step 4: The Top Of The Head

Picture of The Top Of The Head
Then connect the the top of the head by connecting the ears like shown in the picture

Step 5: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
To draw the eyes you need to do little tear drops in the center of the face and draw little dots in the middle and you have eyes

Step 6: Nose

Picture of Nose
Now you need to draw a big fat nose near the bottom of the face

Step 7: Tongue

Picture of Tongue
Now the last step is the tongue, so now draw a u shape connected to the head and draw a line to show detail and you done!!!!!

Step 8: Your Done

Picture of Your Done
Done!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed this!!!!!!!!!
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