Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Goldfish

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Hi guys! sugar_n_spice here. Today I will be teaching you all how to draw a cute cartoon goldfish.

Step 1: Step 1- the Body

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First, draw a teardrop sideways as best you can. This will be the goldfish's body. We will add features later on.

Step 2: Step 2- the Fins

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Next, draw curved triangles for the fins. Make sure the bottom fin is a bit smaller than the top.

Step 3: Step 3-The Tail

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Then, draw a semi-circle for the tail.

Step 4: Step 4- the Eyes

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Now, draw medium sized circle for the eye. Then draw two small circles diagonal from each other. DO NOT color those in. Color the remainder of the eye.

Step 5: Step 5- the Rest of the Features

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This step is TOTALLY OPTIONAL. Draw three little circles by his face. Then fill in the fins and tail in with diagonal lines. Now, you have a cute cartoon goldfish!


Bellie14 (author)2013-09-09

This is my one! He's so cute!!!

braceletmakrr (author)2013-07-28

I did it! Thank you so much it is so cute! (:

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