Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Cat With Kittens!

Picture of How to Draw a Cartoon Cat With Kittens!

You will need: paper, a pencil, felt-tip pens (red, orange, yellow, green and blue are the best colours to have, but you must have black) and your imagination! :)

Step 1: Two Little Circles

Picture of Two Little Circles

Draw two little circles just touching each other. This will be your mother cat's eyes.

Step 2: A Triangle and Two Curvy Lines

Picture of A Triangle and Two Curvy Lines

Draw an upside-down triangle and two curly lines. This is the mother cat's nose and mouth.

Step 3: Smaller Circles and Little Black Ovals

Picture of Smaller Circles and Little Black Ovals

Draw a smaller circle inside each eye then add the pupil (black bit in an eye).

Step 4: Head, Ears, Whiskers and Inner Ears!

Picture of Head, Ears, Whiskers and Inner Ears!

Draw the details as shown above!

Step 5: Body and Tail

Picture of Body and Tail

Draw the body and tail as shown.

Step 6: We Three Kittens!

Picture of We Three Kittens!

Draw three ovals that have tails. It makes it look cuter if the tails are pointing different ways!

Step 7: Heads of the Kittens!

Picture of Heads of the Kittens!

Draw the heads of the kittens. Only draw half of the heads as the other halves are hidden behind the kitten's tubby bodies!

Step 8: Legs of the Mother Cat

Picture of Legs of the Mother Cat

Draw the legs, and join up the gaps

Step 9: The Fun Bit!

Picture of The Fun Bit!

First retrace the outline of the cartoon in black ink, it doesn't matter if you use felt-tips or fountain pen but I am using felt-tips today.

Step 10: Colouring In!

Picture of Colouring In!

Colour the cat and kittens in however you want!

Step 11: Comment!

Picture of Comment!

Please comment on how yours went and any tips, I welcome them!! Thanks for viewing! Please favourite or add me!


aartcritique (author)2015-12-05

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beme2013 (author)2013-09-30

Nice. I love cats. Definitely will draw it!

Bellie14 (author)2013-09-11

Thanks! Good luck on your drawing!

Raphango (author)2013-09-11

Own.. how cute!
Gonna draw one some day for my wife! ^^


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