Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Octopus!

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Step 1: The Eyes

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First draw two small curved lines, then draw a leaf shapes on top of the curved lines.

Step 2: The Head and Tentacles

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Now draw a head shape around the eyes, then draw squiggly/curved lines at the bottom of the head for the tentacles.

Step 3: Mouth and Eye Details

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Now you can add in a little mouth and add details to your eyes by drawing another curved line close to one side of your eyes on the inside

Step 4: Finishing Your Eyes

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Now draw half circles in his eyes for the pupil, and shade the rest if the space in

Step 5: Details

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To add more detail draw more tentacles in between the tentacles you drew beforehand add little circles for the suction cups.

Step 6: Done!

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Now your octopus is done!!! You could also add a little hat or anything you want to make your octopus unique


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