Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Pug

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Step 1: Face

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Start by drawing a simple curved semi-circle shape, this will be the face.

Step 2: Ears & Head

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Next, add smaller curves to the head (the ears.) Then draw a straight line joining the two ears together, this will be the top of the head.

Step 3: Collar

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For the collar, add a curved rectangle around the bottom of the face, then draw a small circle which will be the name tag. Also add some curves around the ears.

Step 4: Details

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Draw some eyes, a nose, a mouth and some freckles for adding extra details.

Step 5: Colours

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Colour the ears, eyes and mouth in black or grey.

Step 6: Finishing Colours

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For colours I of the face personally used a metallic gold pencil and the shaded over the top of that with a yellow crayon. Next I used a bright orange for the colour and a beaming yellow for the name tag, however you can use whatever colours you desire.


kitteno (author)2015-03-27

I made it!
Thanks for showing me how to draw it.


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