Picture of How To Draw A Cute Cartoon Bunny
Lets draw a cute cartoon bunny!! You can use a marker, pen or pencil. Etc... And get your sketching book
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Step 1: Draw The Head

Picture of Draw The Head

Step 2: Draw The Eyes

Picture of Draw The Eyes

Step 3: Draw The Ears

Picture of Draw The Ears

Step 4: Draw The Nose And Mouth

Picture of Draw The Nose And Mouth

Step 5: Draw The Whiskers

Picture of Draw The Whiskers

Step 6: Draw The Body And Tail

Picture of Draw The Body And Tail
photo-2013-07-23 12:24 PM.jpg
And finally! We're done! Enjoy your AWSOME cute bunny!!!!
DuctOutDog1 year ago
Your a good drawer
Love it
coolsista91 year ago
So cute and so easy- its a winning combination!
moskiii131 year ago
Thanks! And I'm going into 8th grade! Wbu?
zamrin1 year ago
That's so easy!