Introduction: How to Draw a Doctor Cookie

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This tutorial will teach you how to draw a cute little Dr. Cookie. It is very simple and easy. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

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The materials you will be needing are...

- A Pencil
- An Eraser
- Paper

Step 2: Draw a Circle

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Self explanatory, just draw a circle.

Step 3: Draw Some Eyes

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Draw the eyes just under the forehead.

Step 4: The Doctor's Band

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Next draw two separate lines above the eyes to create a bandana looking thing.

Step 5: Draw the Plate

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Next, draw a circle in the middle of the bandana looking thing.

Step 6: Draw the Mouth and Blush

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After that, draw the mouth under the middle of the two eyes. Then draw him (or her) blushing.

Step 7: Draw the Chocolate Chips

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Next, draw little circles all around to represent chocolate chips.

Step 8: Draw the Hands and Feet

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Next draw little arms on each side of him (or her) and draw little legs under him (or her).

Step 9: You Finished!

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Now you have finished!!! Good for you! I hope you enjoyed our tutorial. Please leave a comment telling us how to improve. Thank you!


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