Follow these steps

Step 1: Start With a Plain Piece of Paper

Step 2: Draw a Outline

Step 3: Draw the Bottom Inner Line

Step 4: Draw the Pupil

Step 5: Add Some Detail

Step 6: Define the Top and Bottom Lines

Step 7: Start Drawing the Eyelashes on the Outer Corner

Step 8: Ruffly Draw the Rest of the Eyelashes on the Top Layer

Step 9: Darken All the Lines

Step 10: Start Adding the Bottom Eye Lashes

Step 11: Finest the Bottom Eyelashes and Add Some Shading in the Eye

Step 12: Redefine Everything

Step 13: Add Some Shading Around the Eye

I think I'm good on eyes after this
awesome drawing! ! ❤ it!!
This is a art
an eye*

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