Introduction: How to Draw a Fashion Design

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I am interested in fashion design and thought I would show you guys how I draw my designs. I hope this is helpful to you. Let me know in the comments. Thanks! Onto the first step.

Step 1: Draw the Head

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This is super easy. Just start by drawing a normal circle for the head and draw a line under it for the neck. In fashion design, you basically make the skeleton of the body before everything else.

Step 2: Shoulders and Arms

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Draw a medium-length line under the neck for the shoulders. Then at each end of the shoulder line, draw the arms, which are just two lines. This is basically lines the whole time! Lastly, draw the torso, which is a line connected to the neck. Don’t worry yourself with a ruler, it’s okay if the lines are not perfect and there’s always room to improve later.

Step 3: Waist

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A line under the torso should do for the hips/waist. It needs to line up with the shoulders. I’m designing a dress for this, so I’m not going to do the legs. Maybe I'll do legs in another tutorial--let me know in the comments if that would be helpful.

Step 4:

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Time for the curves. These are pretty easy to draw if you know what you are doing. Pretend the curves are smiles, so when you turn the paper sideways it looks like a smile. Make the curves come up to the armpit area. Bear with me, we’re almost done!

Step 5:

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Arms! Probably one of the easiest steps, they’re like sticks. You’re just going to add an extra line to the other skeleton arm shape you have so far. For the hands, I normally just draw little diamonds. I added my skirt here too, which is long and flowing. You can choose whatever you want.

Step 6:

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Whoa, I skipped ahead! Technically, you’re already done! You just have to draw your shirt, some hair, and erase your pencil lines (And color it in if you want, but I didn’t do that for this sketch). Now that you have your basic body shape down, the rest is up to you! You can draw sequins, pleats, long sleeves, high sleeves…play around with it! I almost never draw a face, since I don’t want it to be drawing away from the outfit. Also, I’m bad with faces.

Step 7:

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And I'm done! I hope you liked this tutorial--thanks for reading!

Note: All these pictures are taken from my blog. Please do not take them.


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