Introduction: The Fuselage

Picture of The Fuselage

Ok the first step is quite easy. All you will need to do is draw the fuselage or body of the plane. Make sure that one end is completely vertical!

Step 1: The Rudder

Picture of The Rudder

Ok, to draw the rudder you need to make it diagonal going up, horizontal on the top for a shorter distance, then make the back of the rudder vertical.

Step 2: The Wing

Picture of The Wing

Now there are two types of wings for this drawing. You can make a curve like I did, or make a straight one. It is up to you, they both look nice.

Step 3: The Elevators/canards

Picture of The Elevators/canards

Like the wings, there are again 2 types of, well things that make the plane go up and down. If you live in the U.S. Japan, or Russia you would probably want to make elevators. if you live in France, Germany, or anywhere in Europe(besides Russia) you should put canards. Here's the difference, canards are in the front and elevators are in the back. In this example I use canards.

Step 4: The Engine and Thrust

Picture of The Engine and Thrust

So for the engine its easy, just make a line about half an inch from the back. Then make lines crisscrossing each other. Last make your thrust/fire

Step 5: The Canopy

Picture of The Canopy

The canopy( also known as the bubble)is quite simple, like the rest of the steps pick your pen up and draw about a 2 inch long half-oval then draw a smaller quarter oval inside, then draw the pilot.

Step 6: Customization

Picture of Customization

To customize your jet, add missiles, bombs, and fuel tanks. And finally you are done! If you liked this drawing please comment, favorite and follow me
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MAJ™ (author)2014-07-06

Hi guys, if you liked this drawing tell me in the comments of what you want me to attempt to draw next. Thx

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