Introduction: How to Draw a Flower

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First you want to get your colors: Magenta, Red, Yellow, and Light Pink. You also want paper

Step 2:

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In the center if the paper, draw a yellow circle, about 1" by 1", and draw red dots in the circle

Step 3:

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Draw a raindrop shaped petal, with pink, and so another 4 times around center

Step 4:

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It should look like this...

Step 5:

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Then put dark pink jagged rings around center

Step 6:

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Continue with lighter rings

Step 7:

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Then an even lighter ring around that

Step 8:

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Fill in flower with a barely visible ring, and you can add dots!

Step 9:

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And for the final step, add small petals in between big petals: shade in with the light pink


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Nice drawing!

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Please comment!

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