Introduction: How to Draw a Girl

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This is a tutorial on how to draw a manga girl.

Step 1: What You Need

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All you need is some paper and a pencil, I used brown, but you can use whatever colour you want.

Step 2: Outline

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Draw the basic outline of the grow, the head, neck and shoulders.
Also mark on where the eyes nose, mouth and hair will go.

Step 3: Hair

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Start shading in wavy flowing hair, darkening some parts more than others.

Step 4: Hair

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Draw the bottom part of the hair, adding in plaits and curly parts.
Also add stripes to the t-short, make the stripes on the arm bend halfway through.

Step 5: Facial Features

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Draw on the eyebrows, nose and lips.
Also outline the eyes

Step 6: Eyes

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Shade in the eyes, remembering to leave a white chunk out of the pupil for the light.

Step 7: Flowers

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Add flowers in a halo shape around the top of the head. Make them different, some can be roses, others with spots...

Step 8: Finish

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Add any last changes, like rounding off the chin or any additional shading you want to do..

And you've finished!!!


mazzy mitchell (author)2015-01-28

No offense, but I think that looks more like a cartoon. I'm not trying to hurt any feelings, I am just commenting my thoughts on it!

it is

it41703 (author)2015-02-07

I like the cartoony style to it

tootler001 (author)2014-07-16


jessyratfink (author)2014-07-16

Very nice - she reminds me of Sansa from Game of Thrones :)

tootler001 (author)2014-07-16

Sorry about all the spelling mistakes but I don't know how to edit after publishing!!!

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