Picture of How To Draw A 'My Little Pony'
You can draw these, decorate your room with them, make stuff with them, ect. This Instructable will show you how to draw ponies and bronies from the little kid show, 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'!!!! After this and a little bit of practice, you will be a pro at drawing ponies (which is kind of pointless if you really think about it........) Lol!

Comment if you have any requests on how to draw your fav. pony/brony!!!!!!!!!! Comment if you have questions!!!!!!!
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Step 1: SUPPLIES!!!!!!!!!! Supplies.......

Picture of SUPPLIES!!!!!!!!!! Supplies.......
What you will need for this is quite simple.........

~sketch book or white paper

~pencil (or pen if you don't plan on fixing it)

~eraser of some sort (art erasers are the best)

~good attitude =D

Step 2: First Things First.........

Picture of First Things First.........
First of all, you have to decide if your pony is a pony (girl) or brony (boy). Then you draw the head........
(Btw: this Instructable features Derpy Hooves and Doctor Whooves the most. Anyways, ppl, it is the SAME basic steps for ANY pony/brony)

Step 3: Front Of Neck And Front Legs

Picture of Front Of Neck And Front Legs
Next, you draw the front of the neck and the front legs (you need to also start to draw the belly of your pony).
Note: the front of the neck and the front legs are somewhat connected, just to tell you!!!!

Step 4: Time For The Mane!!!! (Girl Only At This Time)

Picture of Time For The Mane!!!! (Girl Only At This Time)
This step only applies to the pony because the girl hair normally covers the back of the neck and top of the neck. The brony hair comes a little later on......

Step 5: Back, Back Neck, And Back Legs

Picture of Back, Back Neck, And Back Legs
2013 13:45.jpg
Now, you draw the back of the neck (most likely only on the brony). Then the pony's back. And finally the back legs =D
(Also, you should draw the top of the head and ear on the boy)

Step 6: Mane (boy) And Tail (both)

Picture of Mane (boy) And Tail (both)
2013 13:45.jpg
Time to add the mane on the brony and the tail on both of them! Their tails should match their manes (if they don't, your pony/brony will look VERY wierd....)

Step 7: Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013 13:45.jpg
Time to draw the face!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, girls have eyelashes and boys DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 8: CUTIE MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of CUTIE MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013 13:45.jpg
Cutie marks are SUPER important. They help define the pony's/brony's personality! (Some ponies/bronies don't have their cutie marks yet, but most do. Sooo it is up to you if your pony is a 'Blank-Flank' or one that has discovered his/her true potential.
they do not look that bad. before I saw this my ponies were almost a blob of nothingness.