Introduction: How to Draw a Plane

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Step 1: Materials

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To make a good drawing your going to want to have proper materials. Get a good sharpened pencil, a pencil sharpener , a picture you want to draw (optional), a good eraser and a piece of plain white paper (any size you want).

Step 2: Basic Outline #1

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Step 3: Basic Outline #2

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Step 4: Cockpit Shading

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Step 5: Making Glass Shine

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Step 6: Body Details

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Add a few stripes and lightly shade

Step 7: Windows and Door

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Step 8: Engine and Wings

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Step 9: Shading

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(Note) I fixed up the windows in the drawing.

Step 10: Background

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Do whatever you want but I'm doing just clouds. I hope you liked my tutorial. Please favourite and don't forget to comment. ;D


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