Introduction: How to Draw a Pony (G4)

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Step 1: Head Up!

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Draw a circle in the mid-left (or right) of the page, its the head.

Step 2: Neck and Chest!

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Draw a line through the middle of the head and a little farther down. The circle behind it will be the chest.

Step 3: Rump...!

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Draw a circle behind the chest circle and it'll be the rump.

Step 4: Neck!

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Close to the neck line (Step 2) draw a curved line going into the the front of the chest circle. Draw another a bit further away and into the back of the chest.

Step 5: Back Leg!

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Follow to back rump line and a teensy bit down draw a sharp edge going out. Continue going down but with a curve inwards.

Step 6: Back Leg 2!

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Follow the inside rump line down and keep in mind that it should look equal to the right part of the leg.

Step 7: Front Leg!

Picture of Front Leg!

At the mid chest start drawing a line curving out. Do on the the other side.

Step 8: Tail and Toros!

Picture of Tail and Toros!

Outline the circles and, if wanted, play around with the width of the body using the back.

Step 9: Muzzlez!

Picture of Muzzlez!

At the mid-face, draw a muzzle curving into the head.

Step 10: Add Features!

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Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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