How to Draw a Semi Realistic Cat Head





Introduction: How to Draw a Semi Realistic Cat Head

My first tutorial/DIY! Hope you enjoy and hopefully it's helpful!


Pen+Paper or Pencil, eraser and paper

Step 2: Draw the Eyes First

This is what I do most of the time. To me the eyes are the most time consuming so I start with them first to get them out of the way. You can make them look in any direction you desire. Also add the nose after you do one eye just so the eyes aren't too close or too far away.

Step 3: Draw the Mouth

You can make it open, closed, or partially open. Any way you like is fine. Remember this is semi realistic so it's okay if it has a cartoon like mouth or features. Be creative! As you can see I added some details to the nose bridge and added some freckles on the mouth.

Step 4: Start on the Head

I usually make the ears first but you can do whatever you want first. The ears can be up or down, scarred from battles, or folded like a Scottish fold cat.

Step 5: Finish Up the Head

Add the top fuzz on the head and do the sides of the head. The cat can be long haired, short haired or right in the middle.

Step 6: Now Finish It Up by Making the Neck, Adding Designs, and Anything Else You Desire.

Just be creative! Have fun with this!



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@kitsune2000 sure!whatever you want it to be

@wilgubeast thank you for your input! And thank you for the compliment as well!

Starting inside and moving out makes a lot of sense for a drawing tutorial. Thanks for sharing your technique.