How to Draw a Simple Cat!




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Introduction: How to Draw a Simple Cat!

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So basically this is a tutorial on how to draw a simple cat. It is very easy and I hope y'all like it!!

Step 1:

Draw a circle

Step 2:

Add ears

Step 3:

And eyes:)

Step 4:

Draw the bridge of nose

Step 5:

Draw a triangle at the bottom of bridge( this will be the nose)

Step 6:

Draw line under nose

Step 7:

Draw a lower case w or sideways 3 as the mouth

Step 8:

Add three dots on each side of mouth

Step 9:

Add whiskers

Step 10:

Add body (optional)

Step 11:

Great job! You just made a cute widdle kitty!!

Step 12:

I really hope you liked it please comment requests on what I should do next or just comment if you like my Instructables!:)



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    I like it but I think you should draw the body

    I really like the face - very expressive :D