Picture of How To Draw A Spider
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Step 1: Head

Picture of Head
13 5:52 PM.jpg
Draw an oval for the body. Draw two eyes inside the oval

Step 2: Legs

Picture of Legs
13 5:52 PM.jpg
Draw four legs on each side of the spider. Add little circles at the end of each one. Dont forget eyebrows!

Step 3: Hair

Picture of Hair
To make the spider look creepy, add little hairs! Put them all over his body and legs

Step 4: Web

Picture of Web
Add a web at the top of your page. Make a single line that connects the spider to the web

Step 5: Trace

Picture of Trace
Use a black marker to trace the pencil. It will pop more.

Step 6: Color

Picture of Color
13 5:52 PM.jpg
Last, color the drawing. Hang it on the wall or whatever you'd like! Please comment or favorite! Happy halloween!
pickle25257 (author) 2 years ago