Introduction: How to Draw a Wave

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I often find myself very bored. Being a surfer, with a paper and a pencil, I draw random waves. Here's a place to turn disturbing sketches to precious masterpieces.

Step 1: Materials

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-a pencil -an eraser -paper -(optional) colored pencils

Step 2: Basic Form

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You're going to want to start by drawing the lip, spray, and basic shape of your wave. This can all be done with basic lines.

Step 3: Shape Curves

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To make the illusion of the movement of the wave, we'll add curves indicating the movement of the water.

Step 4: Adding the Spray

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Use lines to show to spray of the waves flying through the air. Make sure that they keep the shape of the initial direction of the wave.

Step 5: Show the Wave Breaking

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Now we need to draw the whitewash where the wave is breaking. Jagged lines will do.

Step 6: Erase Lines and Add Detail

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Read the title of this step

Step 7: Shading(or Coloring)

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Shading: Start near the barrel/whitewash with heavy strokes, then start moving out with lighter strokes. Coloring: Start with a dark blue near the barrel and shade with lighter and darker blues for the rest of the wave

Step 8: Finishing Touches

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Add a skyline, birds, a sun, surfers, islands, really anything!

Step 9: Experiment

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Remember, the possibilities are endless! Try moving the horizon or vanishing point for different effects.


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