How To Draw An AMAZING OPTICAL ILLUSION!!! Teacher/Student (MAN)

video How To Draw An AMAZING OPTICAL ILLUSION!!! Teacher/Student (MAN)
This video will show you how to make a simple, but amazing draw that can have two views. Great piece of art to show to your friends!
kwoodridge4 years ago
fabsy3334 years ago
chubbie994 years ago
wow this is good i am 13 and i did this!!! (well, not very well but I still did it!)
Cool pic and even cooler music :-)
i've got a cd from Danzig on which this song also appears and there it's called Mother. Was one of Glen Danzigs hits years ago. Later i even learned to play the notes on the bass guitar.
your correct this is sweet! music its by wolf mother and the song is called woman
skimmo5 years ago
thats pretty damn good
Danzig FTW
Cookiez7776 years ago
OMG! That's AWESOME!! At first I was like, "I don't see the illusion.." :P Keep it up! Oh well if it's not step by step, right? :)
cool pic, but it's not really instructing anything.. you should put something like that on an art site.
it is
icedog5157 years ago
nice song choice, cool illusion!