Introduction: How to Draw an Owl

Hello! In the video above, I show you how to draw an owl. This cartoon critter is super cute, but very easy to draw, so it's perfect for beginner artists! Read below for step by step instructions. :-)

Step 1: Draw the Eyes

Picture of Draw the Eyes

Draw out two large oval shapes, then add two much smaller ovals inside them to create the pupils. Fill in these smaller shapes with your pen or pencil, leaving just a tiny bit of white in each.

Step 2: Add Eyebrows

Picture of Add Eyebrows

Give the owl some furry eyebrows by drawing two slightly jagged, caterpillar shapes above the eyes.

Step 3: The Beak

Picture of The Beak

Create the beak by drawing an upside-down, slightly curved triangle between the two eyes.

Step 4: The Torso

Picture of The Torso

The torso can be made by drawing another jagged shaped oval.

Step 5: Wings and Face Feathers!

Picture of Wings and Face Feathers!

For the face feathers, add two upward curving lines - one underneath each of the eyes. Then join them to the torso at an angle, again using jagged lines.

For the wings, simply draw two more curving lines on either side of the torso, flicking them up at the ends.

Step 6: The Head and Ears

Picture of The Head and Ears

To make the rest of the owl's head, draw two inward-curving lines by each eye, starting at the face feathers and narrowing the lines in by the eyebrows.

Then add a small curving line between the eyebrows, and a small pointed ear on each side of the head.

Step 7: Extra Feathers!

Picture of Extra Feathers!

Add some small v-shapes to the torso to make it look more feathery!

Step 8: Feet!

Picture of Feet!

Add two feet, facing away from each other, with tiny claws on each toe. The toes closest to the torso should be the smallest, whilst the ones farthest away from the torso should be the largest.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-08

Daww he's very cute! Welcome to instructables, you should think about entering this into our First Time Authors Challenge.

Hehe, glad you like it! And thanks so much for the welcome, and the tip about the Challenge - I've just entered! :-)

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