Have you ever seen amazing Anime eyes and wanted to draw one? Well, now you can! There are many different ways to draw Anime eyes. These are just one way.

Step 1: Draw the Lash Lines.

In this step you will draw the lines from which the eyelashes will "sprout" from. (Hehe.) make sure it's thicker on the outside and thinner on the inside.

Step 2: Draw the Outlines.

Now you have to draw the outlines. This includes drawing the eyeball's outlines, pupils, and eyelashes.

Step 3: Draw Highlights and Shading.

These are very important to make your eye look more like...an eye. :) so make the highlights and shadings as shown in the pic.

Step 4: Color.

Now all you have to do is color your eye(s) and you're done! Congrats! :D
<p>umm. it's nice, but most anime eyes aren't this simple.</p>
Nicely done! What did you use to draw these photos?

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