How To Draw- Anime/Manga Boys Face

Picture of How To Draw- Anime/Manga Boys Face
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Step 1: Materials Needed

A pencil or pen, your sketchbook or a piece of paper, and a tad bit of drawing skill

Step 2: Opening Sayings

Picture of Opening Sayings
I'm not a very good drawer, I'm just learning! I have drawn one anime drawing shown above. This will be my second. Please be supportive and give me advice! Thanks!

Step 3: The Head

Picture of The Head
Draw a rounded triangle and put two lines going up. Make one like shorter.

Step 4: The Eyes And Eyebrows

EYES- Draw two lines as far away from each other as tall as you want your eye.connect the two lines with two rounded curves from top to bottom forming an oval. Erase the extra lines and continue for the other eye. Erase a tiny part of your eye and make a circle, DO NOT SHADE IT IN! This will be a "reflection" because usually all eyes have reflections from lights. EYEBROWS- make a curved like above your eye, and add more pencil to make it bushier. You can add pencil to make it curve more.

Step 5: The Nose And Mouth

Picture of The Nose And Mouth
13, 8:20 AM.jpg
13, 8:20 AM.jpg
13, 8:20 AM.jpg
13, 8:20 AM.jpg
NOSE- Make a tiny little dash below your eyes where you want your nose. Make sure it's slanted. MOUTH- Draw a line and attach a curve to the bottom for a smiling/laughing face. Shade this in.

Step 6: The Hair

Picture of The Hair
13, 10:06 AM.jpg
13, 10:06 AM.jpg
13, 10:06 AM.jpg
Make curvy lines and are kind of like upside down grass. If it's easier for you to turn your drawing upside down and draw grass, I guess that would work. Otherwise look at my example and try to copy that.

Step 7: Touch Ups

Picture of Touch Ups
13, 10:23 AM.jpg
13, 10:23 AM.jpg
Shade your hair in, and outline the face and hair to make it darker. Touch up your eyes and make everything a bit darker.

Step 8: Finishing!

Picture of Finishing!
Your finished! Post a picture of your drawing in the comments or your favorite drawing you've ever done. Favorite, comment, follow, and draw! I would like to thanks my best guy friend because if he wouldn't have made me draw, I wouldn't be drawing at all, he inspired me to draw.
Clomeg1 month ago
One suggestion to you! Try sketching first!!! It really makes drawing easier!
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
Well thank you!!!
mkitty9 months ago
Wow that's so cool, your a very talented artist!!!!!!
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
Thanks! It's just that I just started and I don't think so but thank you so much!
SMSBACON123019 months ago
What are you talking about? You are a great artist!!
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
I am so sorry about the sideways pictures guys!!
hotstuff57219 months ago
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
aqua 129 months ago

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