How to Draw Ash Ketchum





Introduction: How to Draw Ash Ketchum

Step 1:

Draw the frame of the head

Step 2:

Add some guide lines to help put the facial features in the right places.

Step 3:

Draw in the mouth. It starts like a slight frown just under the first guide line then turns into a smile by adding a curved line to the first one.

Step 4:

Add in the nose and eyes. Be sure to add Ash's signature lightning bolt marks under his eyes.

Step 5:

Gear in the pupils, eyebrows and tongue. Draw the tongue by making a curving line near the top of his mouth.

Step 6:

Add his lock of hair in the front of his face.

Step 7:

Start drawing the rest of his hair and his hat.

Step 8:

Continue drawing his hair.

Step 9:

Finish drawing his hair

Step 10:

Start drawing the body of his hat.

Step 11:

Finish his hat by drawing the half Pokeball.

Step 12:

Draw his outfit.

Step 13:

Color of you want to! Hope you liked it! Please comment.



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Oh my goodness this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!