Introduction: How to Draw Chibi Sonic and Pikachu

Picture of How to Draw Chibi Sonic and Pikachu

Step 1: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Picture of Sonic the Hedgehog.

First draw a semi-circle for the head. You can also draw a semi-oval shape to make the head even cuter. Details shown on picture.

Step 2: Spikes

Picture of Spikes

Draw the spikes of his hair into the shape you've drawn. Try to make them cute and curved down like this. Don't do it as 3 regular spikes, it will make him look 'un'chibi.

Step 3: Cute Little Ears.

Picture of Cute Little Ears.

Then simply draw 2 cute little ears for more chibiness.

Step 4: Face.

Picture of Face.

Then draw the eyes like chibi style so it will become even cuter.

Step 5: Body.

Picture of Body.

Draw the body into a shape close to a curved rectangle as the picture shows.

Step 6: Hands

Picture of Hands

Draw 2 cute little hands on the tummy area. One hand facing down and one hand facing up.

Step 7: Tummy

Picture of Tummy

Draw an oval shape between the hands like this.

Step 8: Back Hair.

Picture of Back Hair.

Draw 2 spikes on his back and a tail.

Step 9: Even Cuter.

Picture of Even Cuter.

To make it more chibi-like add wings to the back of him.

Now you finished sonic!

Step 10: Pikachu

Picture of Pikachu

First draw an incomplete oval shape like as shown on picture.

Step 11: Ears

Picture of Ears

Draw 2 curved triangles like this.

Step 12: Cheeks and Face

Picture of Cheeks and Face

Draw 2 circles on the cheeks and draw on the face.

Step 13: Body and Marks.

Picture of Body and Marks.

Draw the body as same as Sonic's and draw 2 stripes on each side on Pikachu's back.

Step 14: Hands and Tail.

Picture of Hands and Tail.

Draw a lightning bolt-shaped tail and draw the hands as shown on picture.

Step 15: Even Cuter.

Picture of Even Cuter.

Add wings to your drawing to make it double chibi.

Now you finished Pikachu!

Step 16: More Drawings Coming Up!

Picture of More Drawings Coming Up!

Here are my other drawings which you might like to copy.


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