This technique allows someone without any inspiration or idea to create ideas rapidly. The human eye is really good at seeing faces and creatures outta shapes and that is the reason drawing these blobs of black help make creatures. The mutant bunny skinless bunny took only 15 minutes to drew and give a light sketching details and with that i can show a team my idea and then take it make changes if need be or take it to a 3-D modeler and bam. Though i hardly every use color i included a colored version.

also create lore for your character that's really important, but this isn't a tutorial on writing back story.

Im using AutoDesk Sketchbook pro 2011 and an old wacom bamboo tablet.

Step 1: Setting Up

I like to make my canvas a grey it makes it easier for my eyes to see the shape, turn on the symmetry tool, and grab the paint brush tool. Setting up is important it helps keep the work flow going at a nice pace.

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